Nothing is as complex as nature itsself. For the establishment of controlled processes it is thus mandatory  to understand in detail the natural cycles of the target plants.

On our pilot plant we simulate extraction processes for dried and fresh materials in a detailed model and to obtain the corresponding scientific results in our onsite laboratory. Cooperations with universities and plant breeding institutes  assure that also latest results from research enter into our analysis.

Based on literature data and results from agriculture and practical work we help you to chose the  right material Auswahl and to evaluate and test it with regard to an optimised active ingredient production. Audits at the suppliersā€˜ support a wellgrounded evaluation of the whole supply chain from the seedling to the target plant.

Any course of action concerning cultivation or collection will be documented according to your needs in individulized packages, which are based on the requirements of the European GACP guideline and  EUROPAM.

A conditioned presentation of your processes in the field of GACP prepared by us can be directly used   for your marketing authorisation dossier.
(Good Agricultural and Collection Practise)