Nothing is as complex as nature itsself. For the establishment of controlled processes it is thus mandatory  to understand in detail the natural cycles of the target plants.
We act in support of  e. g. choice, assessment and testing of plant material for an optimised Active Ingredient production.

As part of our tasks we offer field trials in the area of process optimisation (e. g. extraction methods) as well as the qualification and validation of such optimised processes

A controlled system requires a fixed frame. You are welcome to trust in our classical structures and wellgrounded quality knowledge.
From the very beginning until the finished concept….

From therory to practical experience: we are strong in audit activities and support of the approval of international accepted certificates. We set the ball rolling to establish quality structures.

Back to the „roots“. A high quality medicinal product is always based on high quality active ingredients obtained from qualified sources. We will be pleased to accompany you during establishment of suitable structures.

Herbal Medicinal Plants

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